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Training Solutions
Online LIFE-H software

How to use the HDM-DCP?

Many tools were developed to facilitate the use of the HDM-DCP by organizations, professionals, researchers and activists advocating for the human rights of people with disabilities.

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New call for articles for the "Journal of Human Development, Disability, and Social Change"

Thematic issue: "Self-determination and support technologies for people with disabilities"

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Upcoming trainings

New training sessions will be held in Montréal, and Québec city (Canada) this autumn!

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Try out the Online LIFE-H software today!

The online Assesnent of life habits (LIFE-H) software is a Web application where users can administer the LIFE-H using a computer or tablet with an Internet connection.

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Understand the difference to change the world.

What is social participation?

INDCP is an organism that has the objective to develop and disseminate knowledge centered on social change and optimum social participation of people with disabilities.

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Become a member of INDCP

Several types of membership are available to people and organizations interested in becoming a member of the INDCP to support its mission of developing and disseminating knowledge that contribute to an inclusive society.

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